Our connection to the outdoor world is something that is rooted deeply in our DNA. For some, each season provides a new passion and a new playground. There are many ways to live an outdoor lifestyle. Our unique experiences guide us in pursuing activities and adventures that we feel compelled to seek out. At KYR Original, we chose to turn your passions into unique designs, available on high-quality apparel. We are driven to provide inspiring apparel that also equips us for all our activities. Choosing KYR Original means to choose to be a part of a growing community that values your experiences, love for the outdoors, and appreciation for the apparel that comes with it. KYR Original stands as an implicit reminder to always “Know Your Rootz”. 


The KYR Original journey began in 2014 as a way to connect with friends and has since transformed into a brand of quality goods and a community of outdoor enthusiasts. A small group of friends became interested in helping KYR Original reach its potential, and with that, our brand came to life. The Kootenay born and raised trio at the forefront of our operation wanted to create a brand that reflects the individuality of our outdoor lifestyles and, more importantly, yours. We now call British Columbia and Alberta our homes- where the terrain, wildlife, and lifestyles transcend far beyond our imaginary borders, and out into the rest of the world.  


Through unique designs inspired by our wild and active lives, we have created a way to connect with fellow outdoor enthusiasts with our clothing. We may not have met in person, but we become acquainted through a shared passion for leading an active life. To ensure that this idea can thrive (and our apparel doesn’t collect dust in the back of your closet), we select the finest threads to always keep you comfortable and looking sharp for all of your day-to-day activities. We like to keep a few iconic designs with new looks available year-round, but ultimately changing things up and doing small-batch limited releases is what we’re all about. Keeping things fresh, and avoiding over-production.  


All of the manufacturers that we have chosen to work with meet or exceed industry standards in the production and labour of all goods. Our clothing goes through the final stages of production in Calgary, AB where the careful hands of a few individuals inspect it and bring it all to life. Once we have a final product, we bring it to you in any fashion possible (pun intended). You can find us working vendor markets and pop-up shops, in select local retail stores, and of course in our small home-based workshop/online store.