Lexi and Lyme

   Working together with Lexiandlyme was the first time that we were able to collaborate with another brand, as well as a chance to help a friend in need. Lexi happened to be one of our first contest winners when we launched in August of 2017. While passing through on her way back home to B.C., she stopped by the warehouse to pick her prize up, and after chatting for a little while we were able to learn the unfortunate struggle she had been going through. Lyme disease had taken control of her life for quite some time, and in hopes of reaching out to others and raising awareness, she created her own unique brand of clothing. Profits from her brand went to help pay for the treatments that had brought her on many long journeys between Canada and the U.S. in search of answers, and more importantly a cure. Her family is at her side and helps her in documenting the struggles and the reality of Lyme disease, and although at times it is difficult to watch, it puts into perspective the struggles that she and many others are going through.

    In May of 2018, we took it upon ourselves to try and assist her with her cause and hoped to help raise money for her treatment costs. May also happens to be Lyme awareness month. We worked together to organize a donation raffle during Silver City Days in Trail B.C. JJ’s Fashions (who was kind enough to allow us to host the event) as well as Curiosity Clothing and Gifts from Rossland B.C. were quick to donate some awesome prizes for this cause. The event was small but quite successful, no goals were set other than taking the opportunity to raise awareness. Lexi was able to share some words with us in her experience of working together.

“The boys at KYR are unbelievable. They are quick to respond and ship orders with questions in terms of business, but above all, they are just so darn SWEET.
When I was in one of my toughest places this past year they helped raise over $500 for medical costs by joining my brand with theirs as well as some other local stores and creating a raffle.
I have been battling chronic Lyme disease which reaches a neurological level by causing uncontrollable seizures, pain, fatigue and so much more, and have zero coverage. If it weren’t for people like them I wouldn’t have a fighting chance and I can’t thank them enough.
They are passionate about outdoor adventures and “knowing your roots” just like yours truly so we connected instantly. We are hoping to grow our friendship and our businesses together, but in meantime, I’m focusing on regaining my health.”

   As Lexi continues to seek answers and finding the road to recovery, we stay in contact and check up on one another. We hope that in the near future she is able to return to a normal life, and use her platform to spread awareness with her brand and her story to others who are affected by this, and those who are unaware (such as we were).


   For those interested in more on her story, her brand, or interested in donating please head to: