All Heart Foundation

   During the month of August of 2018, we teamed up with the Cunningham brothers to help promote and donate to Craig Cunningham’s All Heart Foundation, a foundation created for the screening and prevention of cardiac arrest. Although it was Craig’s life that was seriously threatened, both brothers had decided to take action and spread awareness of this issue together.

   In November of 2016, Craig, a former NHL player and the former Captain of the AHL’s Tucson Road Runners, suddenly collapsed on the ice during the pre-game ceremonies in Tucson. At the time, the cause was undetermined, but it was later found out that Craig had suffered cardiac arrest with little to no warning signs. Through the valiant and timely efforts of emergency crews and medical professionals on hand that evening, Craig’s life was saved.

   The road to recovery was very challenging, and through sheer determination, Craig was able to launch the All Heart Foundation to assist in saving lives with the screening and preventing of sudden cardiac arrest. With the inception of the foundation, Craig’s older brother Ryan helped him on his endeavours with the foundation. Ryan had planned to cycle from Trail, B.C., Craig and Ryan’s hometown, down to Tucson, Arizona where Craig’s journey with the All Heart Foundation ultimately began. The journey would be over 2500 kilometres, spanning a variety of weather and terrain.

   Inspired by their cause, and having known the brothers through the community, we're fortunate enough to team up with them to raise awareness and funding for the foundation. For the duration of Ryan’s ride, 14% of every purchase was donated to the All Heart Foundation. All their hard work and determination had turned into a successful endeavour and an unreal start to the All Heart Foundation’s journey ahead.

   Craig: “Thank you to KYR for their outstanding support of the Craig Cunningham All Heart Foundation, and especially their support of my brother on his ride from Castlegar to Tucson. Go check them out!” For more on Craig’s story, the foundation, or to donate to the cause please head to: